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    Bryce Young - Director

    I started my own business trading as Bryce Young Livestock in 1995.

    Over the years I have built up and maintained a large client base in the greater Waikato, with large networks around all of New Zealand. This has been achieved with a reliable team and an active network of clients and agents both in the North and South Island. Servicing predominantly the dairy industry we are a locally owned and operated business.


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    Heather Entwisle - Office

    Married to Peter from Fencourt - Cambridge where we started out with 130 cows & have now built up to over 500 cows over the past 35 years raising my 2 children & working on the farm for 20 Years.

    I began my current role for BYL Ltd alias The Bullman in 2006  where I am responsible for the placement of the bulls, organising the trucking firms, handling farmers enquiries as well as the accounts.