Dairy Lease Bulls


Breeds Available

  • Hereford 2Yr
  • Angus 2 Yr
  • Friesian 2 Yr
  • Jersey 2 & 3 Yr   (Suitable for Cows)  
  • Jersey Small 2 yr  &  Yearling  ( Suitable for Heifers)

For Competitive prices ph Heather in the Office on 0800 bullman  08002855626


Payment due 20th following month unless otherwise arranged.


All Bulls are TB, EBL & BVD & Lepto Tested & vaccinated.

Lame bulls BYL will swap over free of charge NB :Freight will be 50/50

Insurance: We have an Insurance Policy available which is optional with a small charge attached. This covers Injuries that cannot be nursed back & Losses, which must be reported asap & a vet certificate MUST be supplied. If option not taken Leasee is liable for payment in full for bull at current market value.

Freight : Customer to pay bulls going onto Farm & BYL will pay for bulls coming Back.

All prices are GST Exclusive:

All Bulls Guaranteed.