Dairy Lease Bulls


Available Breeds

  •             2 year Hereford
  •             2 year Angus
  •            2 year Friesian
  •            2 & 3 year Jersey (suitable for cows)  
  •             Yearling & small 2 year Jersey (suitable for heifers) 

For competitive prices phone Heather on 0800 BULLMAN (0800 2855626)


Payment is due 20th of the following month*

All bulls are tested and vaccinated for TB, BVD & Lepto.

Any lame bulls will be replaced free of charge**

An insurance option to cover injury or death is available***

Lessee to pay freight onto farm; BYL Ltd (The Bull Man) to pay freight off farm.

All prices are GST Exclusive.

*Unless otherwise arranged.

**Freight will be 50/50.

***Insurance covers death or an injury that cannot be nursed back to health. The Bull Man must be notified ASAP and a vet certificate supplied.

Note: If insurance is not taken and injury/death occurs, the lessee is liable to reimburse The Bull Man for the current market value of the bull/s.